Pricing Structure/Business Model

Where to start….at the very beginning. Let’s jump on a call and discuss what it is you’re looking for, what your goals are, and get real about your pain points. Pending a complimentary discovery call, KCLO Communications will provide a proposal outlining goals, strategies, and KPIs to ensure we are on the same page. Pending approval of the proposal, KCLO Communications will submit a contract to begin our working agreement. Per industry standards 25 percent of the first month’s payment is due for work to begin.


There are no cookie-cutter clients, so we do not provide project fees. KCLO Communications will deliver value-based project quotes and a proposal after our introductory meeting/call.

We run our business lean to pass the best value onto our clients, so KCLO/COMM works primarily on a retainer basis. Clients of KCLO Communications know that the time they sign up for is theirs and will be there for them month over month and year over year.